How to choose the right grill model

When the snow starts to melt and the warm weather is at our doorsteps, there’s nothing better than a good meal enjoyed on the patio or in the garden. A grill is the must-have accessory for summer afternoons. Whether you’re a grilled meat or grilled vegetable lover, there’s nothing like gathering around the barbecue and satisfying all palates. How can you be sure you’re investing in a grill model that will meet all your expectations? Follow the guide! Evaluate your needs There are many different models of grills. The right choice depends on your needs and the use you will make of this new appliance. The first criterion to take into account is the space you have available to install your grill. Will it be part of your outdoor kitchen or will it fit on your deck or stoop? Depending on the location you choose, you should also consider the weight of the appliance and its legs. These details shouldn’t be neglected, especially if you will have to move and store it after each use. What will your grill be used for and how often? Depending on whether you like to host large parties every Sunday or whether you only plan to host a couple of dinners over the summer, the cooking surface and the quality of the grill you need will differ. If ease of maintenance and durability are important to you, certain types of materials, such as stainless steel, should be favoured. All of these criteria will help you determine the budget you’re willing to invest. The most important factor to take into account, which can also greatly influence the price point, is the type of cooking you’re looking to do. Models by type of cooking Grills are classified according to the energy source used for cooking. Each one has its pros and cons depending on the use you will make of your appliance. Gas grills Gas grills are the most commonly used and can use propane gas or natural gas. The first requires a tank that needs to be replaced every time it runs out, and the second requires a line connected to the house’s gas network. Gas grills are also popular because of their ease of use and their ability to quickly reach whatever desired temperature. They are also very easy to clean. The gas grill cooking method does not flavour meat or vegetables on the grill. It actually does not add any particular flavour, which can frustrate gourmets looking for a smoky taste. They are also generally more expensive and cumbersome. Handling the gas tank requires taking certain precautions. It is essential to regularly check its levels, check for leaks... Managing it may scare some people. Regardless, it remains one of the most popular choices for amateurs. Charcoal grills Charcoal grills tend to be favoured by some meat lovers because they infuse unique flavours into food. The high temperatures these grills can reach are ideal for successfully searing meat. Lighting charcoal grills requires a little more expertise. It can take from twenty to forty minutes to reach your desired temperature and start cooking. The use of a charcoal grill requires taking certain precautions and paying special attention to avoid the risk of fires and burns. In particular, it is recommended not to use a charcoal grill when there are strong winds, to avoid scattering hot ashes and disturbing nearby people with the smoke. Charcoal grills add an irresistible smoky aroma to summer afternoons and evenings and are an enticing invitation to share good times among loved ones. Discover the Kamado Joe Classic II grill, sold on Renard’s online butcher shop. Electric grills For those not lucky enough to have a large patio or garden, electric grills can conveniently be used indoors. The disadvantage is that you need to be close to an electrical outlet or use an extension cord. Electric grills are very easy to use since they do not require fuel and the heat is distributed evenly over the cooking rack. Electric grills are slower to heat up than gas grills and cooking takes longer, adding no particular flavour to the food. Portable grills If you don’t have the space to set up a grill at home, you can also go for a portable grill. They are very easy to carry around and will be the perfect accessory for all your excursions and picnics. There are different models for all types of cooking. The single burner model requires more patience to cook items individually and makes indirect cooking impossible. Don’t forget to take good care of your grill To maximize your grill’s lifespan, clean the hot rack with a brush after each use. Make sure to remove all stains and traces of burnt grease that can amplify temperature changes and damage your appliance. Remember to clean the accessories as well. In the fall, it is important to cover your grill with a tarp or a sheet and to store it in a dry place, like a garage if you have one. If you can’t do so, at least remove the rack and burners to keep them dry. Which grill model is catching your eye?

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