Vacuum packing: benefits and things to know

Our Renard meats are delivered to you frozen and vacuum packed in easy-to-thaw portions. As an online meat distributor, Renard wants to ensure that it provides the best service to its customers. To do so, we have set up a cold chain from our Quebec farm suppliers straight to you, so that we can always provide you with meat of exceptional quality. Find out more about our conservation technique: vacuum packing. How does vacuum packing work? Vacuum packing is a method used to hermetically seal food. To do so, the air is pumped from the bag using a specialized machine. The objective is to reduce the oxygen levels in the packaging and to block any contact between the meat and any external oxygen, and by extension any micro-organisms which could deteriorate the quality and threaten the preservation of the meat. This packing method therefore allows for optimal maintenance of the meat’s sanitary conditions and prevents all external contamination, both during transport and after delivery. Preserving meat quality for longer The main advantage of vacuum packing meat is the longer shelf life it provides. Protected from outside bacteria, the meat deteriorates a lot more slowly and retains both its natural qualities and nutritional value. Without oxygen, the bacteria and enzymes naturally present in food reproduce much more slowly and their propagation is therefore extremely slowed down. As a rule of thumb, this method is said to preserve food about three times longer. For optimal storage, Renard meats are first frozen before being vacuum packed. Find out our tips for perfectly thawing meat. Preserving taste and texture in a concentrate of flavours In addition to providing meat with a longer shelf life, vacuum packing also preserves the taste and texture of the meat, which may be affected by other methods of preservation. The natural taste of the food item is preserved, as well as its freshness. The taste is even enhanced, since vacuum packing preserves and concentrates the aromas. The meat will be able to naturally mature in its packaging and get infused with delicious flavour, making it even more tender! Don’t be surprised if the colour of red meat darkens when vacuum-packed. Red meats contain a protein called myoglobin, which is responsible for their pigmentation. Depending on the changes in the state of this protein, the meat could take on different shades. Once the bag is opened and after the meat gets a good dose of oxygen, the cut will go back to its ideal red colour. Reducing waste and packaging Vacuum packing meats also allows for better inventory management and makes your meal planning easier. If you have a freezer with plenty of storage space, you can afford to buy in bulk as long as the cuts are individually wrapped. You’re less likely to get overwhelmed by the expiration dates of the items and you have time to get organized. No more heartbreak from having to throw away forgotten and expired meat! In addition, although vacuum packing uses plastic, this method of packaging and presentation requires far less non-recyclable materials than other distribution channels. Vacuum packing is a natural technique, which eliminates the use of additional preservatives used in other distribution formats that distort the properties of the food. The meat retains its quality for longer and its flavour is preserved. All you have to do is choose when to eat it!

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