Top 10 spices for red meat, poultry and fish

Spice specialists? OK, we may not officially be spice “specialists” per se, but we are certainly passionate about taste. As proof, we have been working on developing our own sauces and spices in collaboration with real pros. Spices add brightness to all kinds of dishes, provide a variety of flavours and give off extraordinary smells in the kitchen. If you like to experiment with spices while cooking, there are many aromatic herbs to choose from to flavour your meats and give them a little boost that makes all the difference. But what to choose? No need to mention essentials like salt and pepper, which are ideal for easily seasoning all your dishes. There are many options out there for you to have more fun in the kitchen and bring all kinds of flavours to life! Fresh herbs are unbeatable The spice family includes fresh herbs such as basil, mint, coriander, dill and rosemary. Some of them can be dried like thyme and bay leaves. Certain spices are also powdered or dehydrated, like cumin, saffron, paprika and curry. As you experiment in the kitchen, you will learn to distinguish between them and appreciate their differences. For example, thyme adds a touch of freshness and provides a lemony aftertaste, while paprika is slightly bitter and more or less spicy. You can mix salt and your chosen spices to coat the meat before cooking to infuse it with a hit of flavour. In general, there are no rules when it comes to the use of spices. It all depends on your tastes and cravings, but some combinations are particularly tasty! Our advice: experiment! Easier and more sustainable ready-made spice kits! If you like to keep things simple and no-fuss like we do, you may as well go for ready-made preparations. Our spice mixtures are balanced and already thought out for your tastes and meats: • Steak spices Become the undisputed BBQ and grilling master. Sprinkle your red meats with this clever blend for irresistible flavour. • Veggie spices Simplify your life: just add a few spices to your vegetables and they’ll make the perfect side to all your dishes. • Texan spices Spice up your evenings and elevate your dishes in a flash. Amaze all your guests with an assortment of Texan spices. Spices for red meat Photo credit: Max Delsid Red meats are relatively easy to flavour. A number of spices and fresh herbs can be used to bring out the full flavour of the meat, both on the grill and on the side in a sauce: • paprika • pepper • ginger • cumin • oregano • thyme • bay leaves • cayenne pepper • basil • curry • marjoram Spices for white meat Photo credit: Farhad Ibrahimzade Spices can work wonders when paired with white meats, especially herbes de Provence: adding them to grilled poultry gives off an amazing aroma! Whether added to a marinade, cooked in foil or sprinkled on a plate as a final touch, many spices can pair perfectly with white meats: • herbes de Provence (basil, rosemary or thyme) • coriander • curry • turmeric • sweet paprika • chives • nutmeg • tarragon • sage • fennel Spices for fish and shellfish Photo credit: David B Townsend To properly season fish and shellfish, you need to go light on the spices! A sprinkling of spices can bring out the flavour of fish, while overdoing it may mask its delicate flavours. You can use spices at any stage of the cooking process, add them in just before eating the fish or even incorporate them into the sauce. Our favourite herbs to use on fish are the following: • fennel • sorrel • dill • parsley • bay leaves • thyme • tarragon • paprika • curry • ginger Whatever meat you’re preparing, whatever cooking method you’re using and whatever spices you have in the kitchen, the most important thing is to have fun and, above all, to enjoy yourself!

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