What sauces should you choose to go with your meat?

We love homegrown meat and the taste of good things. But even the best meat needs love; the sauce that you pair with it must enhance its taste without masking it. You can always count on a few classics to bring out flavours and impress your guests. Here is a selection of Renard’s favourite sauces to serve to your family and friends! Barbecue sauce Barbecue sauce, or BBQ sauce, is, as its name suggests, the reference for all grilled meats. Its smoky taste is perfect for bringing out the flavours of various meats and giving them character. Barbecue sauce is a perfect accompaniment for red and white meats alike, especially barbecued poultry. Pork chops with barbecue sauce are a classic that’s to die for and that’s sure to delight any grilled meat lover! You can even use barbecue sauce for cooking by brushing it on the meat before it goes on the grill, as a way to enhance the smoky flavour. Buffalo sauce Buffalo sauce owes its name to the eponymous U.S. city in which it was invented. Made popular by the famous recipe for Buffalo wings, it also goes well with shrimp. Buffalo sauce is quite spicy, even hot, since it is made with chilies. It is best eaten with a hot meat dish as a main course or even as an appetizer: meatballs in Buffalo sauce are a delight! Steak sauce Steak sauce is a great way to enhance the flavour of your beef cuts. The traditional dark brown sauce is very popular and pairs well with all beef dishes. Generous in body, steak sauce is often made with tomatoes, spices, vinegar and sometimes anchovies. Its taste is slightly sweet, spicy and vinegary, much like Worcestershire sauce. Photo: Davide Cantelli Pepper sauce Pepper sauce is the perfect wildcard when you don’t know which sauce to choose for your meat. This tasty sauce pairs perfectly with red meat, duck, chicken and pan-fried fish. Pepper sauce is particularly well suited to beef steaks. When paired with filet mignon in a delicious combination of flavours, it is even referred to as pepper steak. The ultimate burger trio: ketchup, relish and mustard We couldn’t write an article on the best sauces to accompany your meats without mentioning the classic ketchup, relish and mustard trio! The must-have burger garnish is sweet relish. Made mainly from cucumbers, sugar and vinegar, its sweet and sour flavours are a perfect combination to pair with the unique taste of mustard. Add a good dose of ketchup and you have the perfect mix for your burgers or hot dogs. Check out the Canada Sauce trio on sale at Renard. Photo: amirali mirhashemian

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