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Fast delivery, anywhere in Quebec

We are committed to delivering your orders as fast as possible. Our entire supply chain is organized to ship orders as quickly as possible.

Since Quebec is a large territory, we will contact you personally to schedule your delivery, in order to offer you a service and a delivery time that meet your expectations. Most of our deliveries take 24 to 48 hours. This estimate depends on your location.

We also offer order pick-up directly from our warehouse Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Renard, the artisanal butcher shop… online!

More and more of us want to eat local, quality food, but don’t always have the means or the time to make this desire a reality. And this is even truer for meat, a sector whose processes are not always well known. That’s why, ever since its creation, we love boasting about our artisanal, innovative and accessible butcher shop!

The idea for the Renard butcher shop hatched in Nicolas Lizotte’s mind while he was helping out a pharmacist friend with some of her deliveries at the height of the lockdown.

“I realized how much people appreciated receiving an essential service right at their doorstep. So I wanted to come up with one that would meet their needs while being true to my values story.” 

His story is intrinsically linked to that of his father, a butcher who taught him to love good food and to understand the taste preferences of Quebecers, but also to recognize the differences between industrial and artisanal meat. The experienced entrepreneur came to the conclusion that he could combine the spirit of a traditional butcher shop with new technologies. And voilà! Within a month, viandeenligne.com, a 100% virtual butcher shop was was set up and its first meat deliveries were made.


Barn to table

Do you find that the taste of beef or chicken has changed in the last 20 years? Then it is likely that you have bought these meats in large supermarkets, supplied by companies that fatten animals, often abroad, with steroids, GMOs, sub-animal products and drugs to make maximum profit while giving the consumer the false impression of saving money.

By creating the Renard Butcher Shop, we’ve endeavoured to offer meats that are fully sourced from Quebec farms that raise their animals in a natural and responsible manner. But we also allow our consumers to benefit from prices usually reserved for wholesalers. 

We cut out the middleman to guarantee our customers receive exceptional quality products at a lower price. It’s almost as if our customers are buying part of the beef directly from the farm, except that it’s already cut up, individually portioned and delivered by us.

We always guarantee the utmost freshness, with all meats being vacuum-packed and frozen. We like to nurture a direct link with our customers and give them a call before deliveries. The producer/delivery/consumer short cycle redesigned, what a good idea!


Quality at the best price

The meats from our farm are chosen for their exceptional quality. We are committed to satisfying the most discerning palates and to constantly improving our service.

We cut out multiple intermediaries between you and the producers in order to limit costs. This way, we can guarantee competitive prices, superior quality and unprecedented traceability. 

We have designed our family packs to optimize grocery costs for the whole family


The customer comes first

We encourage our customers to make smart choices in the comfort of their own homes. We offer a variety of beef, pork and chicken cuts, as well as the highly popular 20, 40 and 60-pound mixed boxes that provide unbeatable variety.

However, what our customers appreciate most about our new brand of butcher shop is the ultra-personalized customer service we offer, which may be surprising at first, given that our business is virtual. 

Unlike big chains, we deliver our orders by appointment and we are always available to provide information and answer special requests. Our entire supply chain has been designed to deliver each order as quickly as possible throughout Quebec.

In addition, we are knowledgeable about our customers’ profiles. If a customer doesn’t eat pork, we won’t offer them any products that contain that type of meat. If a customer enjoys barbecue-ready cuts of meat, we won’t hesitate to tell them about our new sausages. Yet another advantage of our business model.


Renard is always on the lookout

We offer a range of products that is constantly being enhanced with new items, such as smoked bacon that doesn’t shrink during cooking, as well as different types of sausages. We have also incorporated a selection of homemade sauces and spices that are free of sugar and chemicals into our product range. We are growing without losing our way – and that’s important to us. 

Our greatest aspiration through this project is to act in the interest of our customers.

“I see myself a bit like the dairyman of yesteryear who knew the families he visited every week on a personal level.” -Nicolas Lizotte

This is our guiding philosophy, which we hope to share with you!