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Mixed box | The Lunch Box

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    *** Gift of a Renard X Motamo notebook with the purchase of this box ***


    The mixed box | The Lunch Box mixed box is our special formula made up of several products, for a box that will satisfy and facilitate many meals. The lunch box mixed box includes all the following products for an approximate weight of 11.3 kg (25 lb). This yields a total of approximately 90 portions:

    • GROUND
    • 3X ±500g | Ground beef, pork and veal
    • 2X ±500g | Individual-portion Black Angus beef lasagna
    • 2X ±600g | Individual-portion Black Angus shepherd’s pie
    • 2X ±375g | Individual-portion Korean beef
    • 2 X ±300 g | Individual-portion Black Angus mac and cheese
    • 2X ±500g | 12"pepperoni, salami, smoked meat and cheese subs
    • 1 X ±500g | Black Angus Beef Chili 
    • 2 X ±545g | Breast
    • 2X ±300g | Chicken tournedos
    • 1 X ±220 g | Piri Piri sauce skewer
    • 1 X ±220g | Greek sauce skewer
    • 2 X ±500 g | Sausages
    • PORK
    • 2 X ±400 g | Sausages
    • SALMON
    • 1 X ±140g | Smoked salmon steak
    • 1 X ±200g | Smoked salmon nuggets

    *If a product is out of stock, we will replace it with a product of equivalent value.

    What is it?

    The mixed box | The Lunch Box mixed box is made up of popular products specially chosen for you and to share with your family and friends. Whether you are celebrating the holidays, a family reunion or simply looking to enjoy a variety of products, this box is the right choice to fill you up. 

    Our tender meats can pair with any of your dishes and this selection of products delivered right to your door will save you any hassle: all you have to do is cook and enjoy!

    Smart supplies

    Our Quebec-sourced meat is vacuum sealed and frozen in individual units. Basically, it’s wholesale meat that’s delivered right to your door. It’s the smartest choice for stocking up.  

    Renard meat is ideal for storing and hosting large barbecues.


    Renard meats

    A smart choice for real local meat at an affordable price. Renard is a project with values straight from Quebec.