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If you're searching for the best Ottawa wagyu beef, Fox Online Butcher Shop is your answer. We have a variety of wagyu beef products, from American Wagyu to Japanese A5 wagyu, to suit any budget. Our selection includes wagyu steaks, japanese wagyu beef, wagyu ribeye, burgers, roasts, and more, all made from the finest and freshest marbled meat. Our wagyu beef cattle ensures exceptional flavor and top-quality taste.

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What Wagyu Beef products do you offer? 

We have a variety of Wagyu beef products and items available, including: 

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What is marbling in Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef is valued for its intense marbling. This marbling creates a unique flavor and texture. The marbled texture comes from small white veins of fat in the meat. These fat veins make wagyu meat more tender, juicy, and flavorful than regular beef. American wagyu offers lacy marbling at a lower to average price, making it a good choice.

 What are marble scores?

Marble scores, or marble grades, indicate the fat content in Wagyu beef. They are ranked on a scale of 1-12, with 12 being the highest and most marbled. Higher scores mean more expensive meat with more fat. The Japanese A5 Grade is the top grade and most marbled cut making it the highest quality wagyu beef. Other popular grades are A4 (medium marbled), A3 (slightly marbled), and BMS 7-9 (very little marbling).

What are the benefits of Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef from wagyu cattle has a unique flavor and texture making it a mouthwatering beef experience. It also has health benefits. It is high in healthy fats like omega-3, which reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol. Wagyu beef and cattle have higher levels of monounsaturated fats, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Wagyu Beef Ottawa - Fox Online Butcher Shop

Where can I buy Wagyu beef in Ottawa?

Fox Online Butcher Shop in Ottawa is known for selling the most delicious meat. We have a variety of wagyu products, including steaks, sausages, and burgers. Our products are sourced and prepared in-house, ensuring the highest quality. Visit Fox Online Butcher Shop to find the perfect wagyu product for your culinary needs. 

Where do you deliver Wagyu in Ottawa?

We provide delivery services for our purebred wagyu to all neighbourhoods in the Ottawa area, including:

  • The Glebe
  • Orléans
  • ByWard Market
  • Sandy Hill
  • Barrhaven
  • Downtown
  • Westboro

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