Meat: Cleaned beef shank (Thor’s Hammer) Spices: Pepper, Renard steak spices, Renard Texan blend, paprika and a little oregano. Instructions: Remove the white membranes around the meat. Heat the smoker to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. Brush the meat with a little olive oil. Add spices to cover the meat on all sides. Put the piece of meat in the smoker until reaching an internal temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. Take the meat out and wrap it carefully in aluminum foil, adding pieces of butter and half a beer. Put the wrapped piece back in the smoker and increase the temperature to 140-150 degrees Celsius. When the internal temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius, it’s ready to eat. Serve with either French fries or smoked macaroni and cheese to complement this magnificent and succulent cut of meat. Enjoy your meal.

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